Friday, April 13, 2007

Health and Drinking Water

Do you know that a healthy human body looses about 10 glasses of water per day. It is essential to drink atleast 6-8 glasses of water daily as rest can be adjusted from the food and bevarages, some water is also produced in the body during metabolic activities.About 95% of human brain and 82% of Blood is water.Advantages of Cold Drinking Water
* It is more refreshing.
* It is more easily absorbed into your blood.
* It may burn more calories.
* It has zero calories, unlike other drinks.Three most famous Myths about Cold Water
* Cold drinking water after meals causes cancer by solidifying ingested fat, slowing digestion, and lining intestine walls with the fat. Actually, body heat cancels out any effects of cold food or water.
* Cold drinking water after eating fruit is bad for you. This one, around since at least 1923, is probably based on the truth that too much beverage, at any temperature, may dilute digestive juices.
* Cold drinking water harms delicate stomach lining. Currently on the Internet, this has no truth. Stomach lining is extremely robust, as it must be to withstand the highly caustic digestive acids.

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