Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Have you ever thought what was the reason for the so many wars, starting with Mahabharat to World Wars? What is force behind the presence of American forces, thousand of miles away from their motherland, in the Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan? Why Ernico frame, Alfred Nobel and other scientist are engaged in the creation of weapons for which they are also sure that these will be used only to destroy the human presence on the earth? Every nation of the globe is well versed with the demolishing capacities of nuclear energy but that is not preventing them to expense a real huge lot of national income for accruing this?

All the above questions are with same single word answer. All the above human activities are for gaining and showing that single word.This single word that from the centuries has converted men into an inventor, a dictator, a businessman is composed of just five laders like that of human body composed of Five elements, Prithvi[earth],Agani[Fire] Vayu[Air], Jal [water] and Aakash [Space], I know by this time you had started thinking and searching your vocabulary for that word hance I am stoping play with your patience and providing you with that word POWER.

It is the temptation of gaining power that is forcing human beings to work beyond their capacities, implement non ethical things in life, create a deceptive image of self. This greed of power has lowered the importance of life values in the human life because today we are in the blind rat race of either gaining power or showing the same. This human tendency of illustrating self power is not a new adaptation to human behavior but is an intigeral part since so many centuries, just think why the King Ravan was forced to kidnap Sita, not because of, in the revenge of cutting the nose of Shuranpankha [His sister] by the Laxman, but he wish to show the powers that he holds. The same attitude is reflecting from many of actions taken by the Americans in the present era. What is meaning of recent statement of Rahul Gandhi with reference to Ayodhya issue, it is nothing but the expression of the power, with a hidden desire of gaining more power.

I have chosen, from the dictionary , following meaningful words to define this word power.

P = Prepared
O = Obituary
W = Works
E = Eschatology
R = Rotation

Who holds power? One who is able and prepared to work in accordance with the doctrine of death and final destiny to understand the meaning and rotation of the notice of death is a person with power.

Coming to concluding part of the article What is power? Just think? It is said that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and in Indian history a very high importance is given to Var[Boon]. The word power is in fact fusion of two Hindi words Pavan meaning Sacred and Var meaning Boon. Will you can deny that in this world there are a few handful human beings which can be isolated as the most powerful one? Now the question is that why this is ? The answer is very simple because these are the blessed people. These are blessed to serve the humanity like the Mother Teras. Every body in the world is with the seeds of this power one who desire to cultivate, take care with proper watering of realization and providing of manure of raising self, above the self can grow and enjoy the fruits of this tree of power.

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