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IPL 2013

Nobody from the entire cricketing arena will dare to deny that Indian Premier League [IPL] is the most watched cricketing tournament of the world; eventually this tournament has turned the game of cricket into carnival for the viewers and a money factory for the players, team owners, sponsors and organizers.
For making this more entertaining and opening the new opportunities for the younger cricketers of world I am suggesting that from 2013 Onwards there must be 10 teams, 2 each from North India, South India, West India, East India and central India. From the Present three teams Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad from south, in place of Hyderabad new team either from Ahmedabad or Indore and one all together new team representing East India [Patna, Ranchi or Bhubaneshwar] should be introduced. The 10 Teams will be
1] Delhi Daredevils [North India, NCR, Hariyana, and U.P.]
2] Kings IX Punjab [North India Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttaranchal, J & K and Himachal]
3] Rajasthan Royals [Central India – Rajasthan and north Gujarat]
4] Ahmedabad or Indore [Central IndiaGujarat, M.P. Chhattisgarh]
5] Kolkatta Knight Riders [East India – West Bengal & North East States]
6] Patna / Ranchi / Bhubaneshwar [East IndiaBihar, Jharkhand and Orissa]
7] Mumbai Indians [West India- Mumbai & Goa]
8] Pune Warriors India [West IndiaMaharashtra]
9] Royal Challengers Bangalore [South India – Karnataka & Kerala]
10] Chennai Supper Kings [South India – Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu]
You might be wondering why the state names are mentioned with every team, wait dear have some patience this will be disclosed when we come to composition of the teams.
Types of the Players
All the players will be divided into five categories
A] Past players from Indian Team or players with present contract with BCCI
B] Oversea players represented their respective country.
C] Indian Players above 25 years of age representing their state in domestic cricket.
D] Indian and oversea under 25 players
E] Indian and oversea under 19 Players
Auction of the player
There should be a minimum base price for every player from each category and my suggestions are
Category A – Rs. 3 Caror
Category B – Rs. 2 Caror
Category C – Rs. 1.75 Caror
Category D – Rs. 1.5 Caror
Category E – Rs. 1 Caror
Beside the auction amount every player in playing eleven will get Rs. 5 Lakh as match fees for every match played. 
In the category C, D & E, if the auction price for an Indian player crosses the limit of 3 times of base price his home team can use Veto power [Provided they don’t have max number of player allowed in that category] and have the player at the price, 3 times of the base price + 10% of amount of price higher than the base price, this 10% will be distributed among other biding teams and BCCI. In Category D & E, oversea players will not be priced higher than the 2.5 times of the base price if there are more than two teams interested it will be decided by lottery system.
Auction process will take place in order of [1] category A [2] category B [3] Category C [4] Oversea players for category D & E [5] Indian players for category D & E
If at the end of auction Indian players from category D & E are remained unsold and teams from their territory don’t have the minimum number of players in that category this will be essential for the teams to pick players from these at half of the base price + 10% to be paid to BCCI.
Number of Players in each team
Each team will have minimum 22 and maximum 33 players this will be as the following max and minimum number of players from each category
Category A       05 [Minimum 3 Players]
Category B       05 [Minimum 2 Players]
Category C       05 [Minimum 3 Players]
Category D       09 [Max 3 oversea player] [Minimum 7 Players]
Category E        09 [Max 3 oversea player] [Minimum 7 Players]
If any team takes an Indian player from Category A from the territory of other team 20% of the auction price [after subtracting the base price] will be paid to BCCI and home team. If any such player is purchased at base price buyer team has to pay additional 15% amount which will be shared by BCCI, Home Team and Player.
Playing Eleven Composition
This will be essential for every team to have at least one player from each of four categories of Indian Players and three Categories of oversea players.
Max. No, of players from each category are as follows
Category A        03
Category B        02
Category C        02
Category D        02
Category E        02 
In the playing eleven there should be minimum 6 Indian players and 3 oversea players. Maximum 5 oversea players are allowed.

Tournament Schedules
All the teams will be divided into two groups. Each team will play with other four teams of groups twice. Three top teams from each group will play once with other five teams. [These matches will be hosted at cities other than the home cities of the teams] Top four teams will qualify for the present Play of System.
As the matches of qualifying round for the Play of will be held in the cities other than the home city of teams hence there are more chances of more public turn out to stadiums and people from the cities like Lucknow, Nagpur, Gwalior etc will also have chance to be part of IPL.

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