Saturday, February 11, 2012

Think before you act

Ramesh was bus conductor one day a well built person boarded on his bus as the routine Ramesh asked this new passenger for the ticket, the person replied in very high pinched voice “Papu never buy a bus ticket” looking at the body of Papu, Ramesh thought this will be not good for him to fight with Papu so he left him. Next day again Papu again was on the bus and Ramesh got the same answer. This started to become daily routine. After one month Ramesh though something and joined a gym. After 3 months Ramesh thought now he is in position to face the Papu.
Next day when Papu replied with same answer, Ramesh shouted very loudly “But Why Papu never buy a bus ticket?” Papu similing replied because “Papu always prefer to have monthly traveling pass.”

This is up to you either to take this as a joke or an incident to learn a life lesson for thinking before acting.

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