Saturday, March 29, 2008

Third Generation of the third screen: Mobile revolution

Third Generation of the third screen: Mobile revolution

You can play back your favorite music tracks, watch the videos, play the games, hang out at the virtual world of internet, and shoot a video of happening around you beside that this instrument can also be used for the normal telephonic conversation. Yes friends this is all about the mobile hand set which has become so slim and compact even after so many features that even your pocket space is more than sufficient to accommodate this trendy instrument.

When on the 3rd April 1973 Mr. Martin Koopar of Motorola Company had first invented this instrument it was even beyond to use it for so many tasks. At that time it was termed as the third screen after the television and computer screens. We can say that this was the first step in the direction of restricting and bringing the use to technology within the surface area of human hand.

I still can recall the days of year 2000, when opted for the mobile connection these were the days when one has to pay not just for making the call but receiving call was also a paid service for the mobile users. The hand sets were bulky weighing almost 300-400 grams but the changes occurred at enormous speedy rate, handsets have shaped even into models with touch screen and the mobile users will be going to be paid for receiving calls in very short near future.

Journey of SMS, the present most trusted way of youth for communication and get information, was started in the 1993 with the sending of first SMS in Finland. Look at business growth of SMS it is now a business with turnover of over 10,000 billion dollars. This is not the only business aspect generated from the mobile telephony but few others like Ring tones, Music, Picture download, Video games, hello tunes and even online gambling are also proving with business of turnover in the billions and billions.

If we look at India, this is now possible for a village farmer to sit at home and start or stop the water pump at the distant crop field just using the mobile phone. The days of hours and hours long waiting for the arrival of postman are the history even in the Indian villages as mobile is proving more effective way of communication and surely this revolution is possible because of active involvement of Government undertaking BSNL, but the true mobile revolution in the country was brought by the induction of Reliance in the mobile service provider sector. The company entered into arena with the slogan of “KAR LO DUNIYA MUTHI MEIN” [Have the world within the reach of your hand] and for the first time made the inter calling free and brought the tariff rates to the limits of affordability of common Indian. This proved the true revolutionary step for the mobiles as other service providers were also forced to lower their rates and in the true sense world become within the hand reach for the common Indians.

Presently the number of mobile users in the country is something between 15 carore to 20 carore but estimates indicates that by the year 2010 this number is going to touch 50 carore. Surely this is indication about the concept of use of mobile by the Indians. This is not just freedom of speaking from any place but today mobiles have become essential and most effective tool of social and business life.

In the third generation of mobiles besides having the communication facility [first generation] SMS, Ring tones, speaker phone, FM Radio, Camera etc. [second generation] we are going to have the Universal Mobile Telephony System [UMTS], broad band internet browsing and wireless technologies with GPS and all this will prove a reason to increase the mobile use at least 40 times more than the present one.

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