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India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [17] Family Car

India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [17] Family Car

For the Indians, since the decade car was is in the commodity list of elites only and treated as the status symbol for the social life. Every body was dreaming about owning a car but for most it was the unrealized dream.

Things have started to change since the late years of 80’s and this dream started to move on the grounds of reality with the induction of “Maruti – suziki” in the automobile sector of the country with the small and dream car of Late Shri. Sanjay Gandhi “Maruti 800”. In the recent years our country went under the economic reforms and these reforms have open the doors of easiness and affordable availability of finance for the middle class for buying a car and realize their dream. As a result Indian roads started to move with the four wheels of these small family cars.

During these years earning powers of middle class Indians have shown a sounding growth especially in the serving sector, as the reports are filtering in, it is possible that government employees might get a very sounding about 52% hike in their salaries after the implementation of recommendations of sixth pay commission. These increased purchasing powers and natural human attitude of having physical comforts is resulting in the increased number of cars on the Indian roads.

In the recent years of almost last two decade traveling scene of country has changed to a great extent, tours are not just limited to business purpose and visiting relatives at specific family functions but now in the country tourism is not just become the status symbol but the most needed change as during these days the struggle for earning the money is become loaded with pressures to such extent that common people are in the more need of relaxation. Weekend tourism is growing with enormous growth rate and for this purpose also the middle class families are more willing to own a car. Automobile sector is also coming with many comforts like the air conditioner, sound play back system etc. to meet with and generate demands for the small cars. We can say in these days, at least for the urban population car is no more a luxurious commodity but is the essential one for supporting the modern life style.

The construction of speedy and safe highways and suitable link roads are also proving a temptation of owning the car and meet with the newly developed interest for the family tourism. It is estimated that before the end of this financial year, much awaited Lakhtakiya “Naino” car of Tata is going to add option for the buyers and surely the Indian roads will be fully loaded with these small car. It will realize the dream of middle class Indian families but no body seems to be concerned about the problems created from this increased number of cars.

· The first and prime problem will be finding the space for the parking of these cars as Indian cities are already started to run with shortage of land even for the commercial and residential purpose.
· Roads will go under immense pressure of traffic and maintenance of the existing roads and constructing alternate roads to meet with this heavy traffic will become hard to fill need for many cities.
· Full consumption will go on the higher side and basic commerce principle of demand and supply will provide space for the price hike, even for the life essential goods. Already polluted city atmosphere will become more and more, richer and number of people with respiratory disorders will grow at vigorous rate.
· It will become more time consuming to travel a short distance within the city limits. Recently while going to Delhi from Kolhapur for the participation in the television reality show “Public Ka Vittmantri” I have experienced this time consuming traveling in the cities like Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.

Owning a car is realization of dream but it also needs a second thought just because of the various problems which are bound to occur and needs to be addressed for a healthy and smooth city life.

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