Sunday, March 16, 2008

Death of wisdom

Death of wisdom
[A blog post from Luck]

It was not a chilly morning of December nor it was the hot rising sun of the June, in fact it was the little bit cool and pleasant morning air flow of March, when I heard the news about the sad demise of wisdom.

Though it was an on going, untold cold war between me [Luck] and wisdom for proving one’s supremacy in the human world ever since the dawn of human existence on the earth. Let me confess wisdom has defeated me at couple of occasions and forced me to favor many of human beings who were floating on the waves of wisdom but at this juncture this was not a death of rival for me and honestly with the news I started to feel a kind of lacking emotion began to raise its head within me. If the wisdom is no more, over whom I will establish my supremacy? Was the question bubbling within me and seems to be more eager to find an answer.

Anyway as the traditional curtsey of human world, which I decided to follow this time, I started to move towards the residential block of wisdom. All the way of my journey, I was engaged with thoughts about the wisdom he was gem of personality and even at this age looks more attractive even in comparison of his son talent; he was living a very disciplined life and nothing adverse news about his health was there in the air since past so many years, I was wondering what happen to him? How can the wisdom die of this untimely death when the human world is in the indeed need of his help? Are the few questions dominating my mind but before I reach to satisfactory answer for any of them, my legs indicated my reaching to the residential block of wisdom.

It seems that living with human beings for so many centuries had developed human curtsey among us, as I found, Hard work, Dedication, Persistence, and even the Jealousy were present at the residential block of wisdom even before my arrival there. Talent was eagerly waiting at door step for the arrival of Mahesh Ji [the destroyer from the trio of Birhama, Vishnu and Mahesh] a few servants were seemed over busy to collect the material which was needed and can be demanded by Mahesh Ji for the funerals of the wisdom. I expressed my sympathy with talent and went on to join others who were gathered at for corner and were looked much worried about the future of human beings after the elopement of wisdom from their life.

I started to be part of discussion and tried to find out the reasons for the untimely death of wisdom, if known to anyone present there. It was real shocking for me to know that wisdom didn’t die of natural death but was forced to commit suicide. As per the Dedication, who was close relative of wisdom as her younger sister Honesty was married with wisdom, it was the suggestive powers of “Akarma” which forced wisdom to commit suicide.

Dedication went on further explaining to all of us that in the countries like the India, where democratic set up of ruling is in force, there is ample space for the enormous growth of “Akarma, Ignorance and careless”. The most destructive thing about the human beings from these parts is that living in democracy for a considerable period they all become habituate and eager to use their right of freedom of expression without bothering or realizing any kind of responsibility. Everything in these countries was slave and was decided only on the bases of numbers only. Wisdom was observing this almost half of century old development very closely and has expressed his non satisfaction over this at couple of times during family discussions. His wife Honesty was also going through the moments of being not happy as slowly and gradually human beings of these parts of earth have started to throw away from the life and started to live on the principles where her need was reduced to almost nil extent.

During these years population of human beings in these parts of earth had shown very vigorous growth and on this day of suicide by the wisdom has reached to one fifth of total human population of the earth. As per our divine rule book one has to die if one losses utility and importance in the life of one fifth of total human population of earth.

I thought should I blame the Indians for this untimely death of wisdom, because to me this was not a suicide but was a planned murder and Indians are responsible to a great extent for increasing human population in this area of earth, but before I can express my thought and get others to comment on it, we all saw Rumor rushing in and narrated us what we heard was not the truth, wisdom is quite well and will be coming shortly with Birhma Ji, to welcome all for his birthday celebrations.

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