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India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [13] Divide and Rule

India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [13] Divide and Rule

[India has competed 60 years of independence and to mark this, I am presenting this series of Articles, about the words, that are meaning a lot for the progress of the country. If you feel I missed some thing [For listing of words see the first article “India: 60 Years: 60 Words”] do inform me at I will try to include that at the end of series]

A primary school children is taught “United we stand, divide we fall” this is in total contrast of the primary policy and main administrative tool of “Divide and Rule” of governing during the days of British rule in the lands of India. It is unfortunate that still the political leadership is finding it hard to escape from falling pray of temptation of using this trusted and time proved policy, which is proving all important hurdles on the progress path of vigorously developing country on the roads of technological excellence and modernization.

India is the country of bunches of people with diversified religious faiths, life style and belonging to numerous casts and creeds. It is fact that over the years, from time to time at the various occasions of national calamity, either natural or originated from behavioral attitude of human beings from other parts of the globe, Indians have developed an attitude of using this diversity as the tool of adhesive instead of dividing and shown the entire human world that diversification is the strength of Indians instead of being a weakness as the majority of world population thought. This is also a fact, when it comes to using the natural resources and think of developmental plans, this narrow thought process, emotion of proving one’s supremacy over the other either on the grounds of region or cast has always worked as the obstacle for the growth speeds.

Most unfortunate thing is that political wisdom of the country, instead of coming with remedial measures finding more interest in keeping clashes alive on the basis of either regionalism, religious grounds or even on the economic status of a particular bunch of people belonging to certain casts. All the southern states were united to oppose the national language status of Hindi. Communal harmony of the country is constant under the fire just a slightest sparks has proved sufficient for the broke of communal riots. A distinguish war is visible in the employment sector for getting a secured place on the basis cast and creed. It is not uncommon to see that wisdom and talents are being defeated by cast factor in the various important sectors like the education and administration.

India had opted democratic set up of ruling and in the democracy numbers are bound to play all important role but when this number game start pushing the progress and development of the country and works against the interest and welfare of larger sector of population, it surely needs to be addressed very sincerely and a strong political will and stiff remedial measures emerge as the need of hour. After the 60 years of living under the governess of self this is most appropriate time to look in to about the problem and come forward with some rigid, stiff and time bound decisions.

The problem of division among the Indians is mainly by two reasons of region and religion or cast. Our constitution says that India will remain as non secular country. If we look back the majority of division on the religious fronts is generated from the and at the times of religious social celebrations, an ordinance can be passed for making the religious worship limited within the personal levels of citizens. Collective prayers, celebrations of religious days and coming to certain places for the purpose by masses should be banned. All the religious monuments should be decaled as the national property and a board should be constituted for taking care of these monuments. There should be only two language schooling one national language Hindi and other language regional one with medium of instruction being Hindi, however for the mother tongue permission should be granted but not at social levels, limited to personal levels. As for as, the regional developments are concerned, these should be related with the revenue sharing of the region towards the national revenue. Every state will get developmental funds in ratio of revenue, however to bring uniform development of the country, the high revenue yielding regions [say top five] will gets funds matching to 80% of their ratio and remaining 20% will be diverted towards the funds of lowest revenue yielding areas [again lowest five].

Two majority sectors Education and Jobs causing division among the Indians, both are presently running under the influence of reservation. It has passed 60 years in the same status and almost third or forth generation is in the budding phase since the implementation of this, hence this time to come forward either to withdraw it or make it time bound limited to next 5 – 10 years, however a monetary support for education of deprived classes can be introduced but that should be also a time bound program with the provisions of non extension.

All the majority of divisions among the Indians can be root caused to single reason. We all living in a country in which you need certain education level even for the job of peon but for being the ultimate boss of these appointing authority no such educational limitations are there. The need of hour is establish a relation between the education and political leadership, we can’t allow growing the division reasons for ever and only political will, can work as the remedial measure. We are in the process of increasing the women participation in the political arena but without relating it with education surely this will work as the back door reason of strengthening the male dominance in our society.

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