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India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [12] Digital Revolution

India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [12] Digital Revolution

[India has competed 60 years of independence and to mark this, I am presenting this series of Articles, about the words, that are meaning a lot for the progress of the country. If you feel I missed some thing [For listing of words see the first article “India: 60 Years: 60 Words”] do inform me at I will try to include that at the end of series]

Chronological experts often consider human civilization as the progress of present over the past but to me the progress of human beings on the earth can only narrated with the development of technologies and their effect on the day to day life of human beings. You are free to call it boost of civilization; to me all this is nothing more than adding the comforts to life by using the technological excellence. Keeping apart this disputed and argument orienting area aside we can concentrate how the life is changed in the human world with especial attention on India during these 60 years under the influence of digital technologies.

In the India the entrance of use of technology in the life of common people can be traced with the introduction of electronic watches. This proved the base revolution for the future industrial growth of the country. It was the time when Gulshan Kumar of T –series started to make the audio cassettes cheap and Television started functioning in the country. Use of digital sound technology in the movies was on the move of gaining popularity and various new appliances backed with digital background started to appear in the Indian markets.

The digital technology use has made possible the compact sized appliances with high storage capacities especially in the appliances related with sound. Imaging and photography were the fields where the digital technology use prove most revolutionary step. This has not only changed the life style of Indians but prove a reason for changing the tourism attitude of people to a great extant. Compact digital cameras and cam coders are more frequently become visible at the tourist Indians.

All important effect of digital technology can be seen the printing industry especially for the advertisements. The hanging boards and huge hoardings which were consuming greater time by the painting them become a job of few minutes to few hours. Easiness of printing, variations in print size, easy affordability in terms of economy has made this a thing of daily life. Visiting cards which were commodity of business, executive and elite class become a need of every city living citizen.

If we look at changes like, video shooting of a family function, boost in photography sector, enhancement of market of consumer electronic goods, making the homes with more physical comforts, the root cause for this, at which we are bound to reach, is the use of digital technologies.

Considering the huge population we have use of digital technology in the printing sector is starting to prove a danger for the balance of environment. As the base product used in these technologies is the plastic which is not decomposable by the natural decomposers hence the eco system started to be affected very adversely. It has already crossed the alarming limits and especially for this sector new technology is the need of hour for the Indians.

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