Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Right to Recall

Nobody is sure, what treatment Lokpal is going to get (as & when presented) in the Parliament but one thing is sure that in during last 8-9 months Anna’s agitation has created a kind of awareness among the common citizens especially among the young India, generally going under the influencing currents of bubbling enthusiasm just because feeling self as the instrumental tool for the social and political change.
Anna Hazare also succeeded in bringing the issues of political reforms and black money on the central stage along with the corruption. Most of politicians of the country are of the opinion that as soon as the Lokpal is going settled Anna is going to fresh movement and Anadolan for the politicial reforms with a huge concentration on the Right to recall.
Political wisdom of the country is wondering on the tremendous support Anna Hazare is getting from all sections of society and all parts of the country especially from the youth, whom they have tried to get involved in online social networking and other recent technological developments available in the country.
          This political wisdom of the country is also aware of the fact Lokpal is not going to bring a huge change in their life style and functioning but surely political reforms will force them to have yet another effective strategy  for the survival and probably because of this, there is purposefully delay in decision of implementation of Lokpal as this political wisdom wants to make sure that Lokpal should have shape and appearance resembling with what Anna is demanding but still don’t have most of rights as the Anna is wishing.
          Concept of Right of Recall is nothing but in the simple words is nothing but allowing voters to alter their choice of political leadership without waiting for the next election.  Very frankly since last decade or so I feel that seeds of change in the political scenario of country were waiting in mind for suitable conditions for germination and this concept of Right to Recall worked as the Catalyst for that.
          If we look at the present political system of the country we are bound to find that this is not possible for intellectuals and common business class people to fight elections just because of very huge involvement of money and human power involved in the process. Right of Recall is going to open flood gate for entrance of these classes in the active politics as this will forced the established political leadership either to work for social development or make a way for the entrance of these classes of the society.
          I am not sure what Anna Hazare will demand for the Right the Recall or what presumptions he holds about the implementation of Right to Recall but I am sure of that as and when Anna is going to focus on this, the first answer he and country is going to get from the political wisdom will be that we all are agree that country must have it but we need to look how it will work and we need to make sure that this Right of Recall should not be misused as there is involvement of huge funds in the process of elections.
          Not only for the political wisdom of the country but also for all the intellectuals and experts of laws, here is base for discussion on the implementation of Right to Recall.
          We all know that every M.P. / M.L.A. is getting a fixed annual constituency development funds, I am making this fund to work as the base for the implementation of Right to Recall. My suggestions are:
1] Within the 15 days of announcement of election results, every winning candidate must come out with year wise plan of using this fund with specifying area wise development works and funds required for each and every such work. [Previously I was of the opinion that every candidate should present this plan with nomination papers] Foe example
Work: Youth Activity Center
Description: Construction of R.C.C. building and supply of exercise equipments.
Funds: a] Construction of building on carpet area of 40X100 feet with multi purpose hall Rs. 12 Lakh.
B] Exercise Equipments: Rs. 8 Lakh including [i] [ii] [iii] ….. Name of equipment and price of each.
Total funds involved in project: Rs. 20 Lakh.
2] Every M.P. / M.L.A will be allowed to keep 10% of total allotted funds for the non planned work, to be used either on the year wise basis or during the last year of term as the M.P. / M.L.A.
          3] As all this will be available in the public domain hence this will also work as the tool for bringing transparency in use of M.P. / M.L.A. fund.
          4] This will be duty of every M.P. / M.L.A. to publish [and make available online for future reference] this year wise plan within 30 days from the date of declaration of election result.
          5] Failing to this will allow the election commission to make second choice candidate liable for being declared as the M.P. / M.L.A. of that constituency. This process of development plan will also be applicable for such liable candidate.
          6] At the end of every year, each and every M.P. / M.L.A. will submit a report about proposed and completed development works, within 30 days of year end.
7] Before the end of third year election commission will examine and will take action against those who fail to complete 80% of proposed development works on the year wise basis. In that condition also second choice of people will be allowed to work as M.P. / M.L.A for the remaining two years.  

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