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Elections IPL and Indians

Elections IPL and Indians
Cricket is not just another sport as for as South Asia, especially when India is taken in consideration. Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar are more than living God for the cricket passionate Indians, Though this is fact that cricket is not beyond the reach of market dominating powers as huge money is involved with the conduction of the game but still cricket is the red life supporting liquid flowing in the blood vessels of Indians.
Unfortunately in our country, though we have a democratic setup of ruling but still most of us didn’t dare to cross the verbal reaction lines and enter into field of action. BCCI has decided to move the IPL to foreign land in reaction of central government’s refusal to provide adequate security as the dates of tournament and Loksabha elections are clashing with each other. A lot of voices will raised in the country an favor and against of this but one thing is sure that all the accountable persons will be allowed a safe rescue passage for not being responsible for this.
It was very much clear even before the IPL started last year that during the 2009 country will have to go for Lok sabha elections during the April May, surely there were chances for pre elections but all that was case of ifs and buts. It was much clear on the first day of year 2009 that elections will held during this time and after the terrorist attack on the Mumbai, security of the players will be the measure concern for the government and IPL organizers. I can’t understand in these conditions why the BCCI agreed to play an additional Test Match in the New Zealand? Why the wisdom of holding the tournament early has not be opted by the IPL and BCCI? Yet another question is to be answered by the BCCI and IPL organizers, in the democratic set up what should be kept at preference Lko sabha elections or a regular sporting event? One thing is sure that Indian capacities are sufficient enough to tackle the security concerns of elections and this mega sporting event. As Shri Narendera Modi, has already offered his willingness for conducting all the IPL matches at scheduled dates in the Gujarat. Some other states are also there ready to provide security in these conditions surely the decision of moving the IPL away from the country, taken by the BCCI, is beyond the boundaries of understanding?
We are living in the world of market dominated era and cricket is the most profitable commodity, every one, even those claims working for the providing and creating opportunities for the talent are eventually working for gaining the monetary benefits and no one is questioning their this attitude even when in the country, cricket is life style. The question is raised only when the market dominating forces and national pride appear to clashing each other. Surely moving IPL to another country will carry a message of failure of Indians as the nation though this will indicate professional excellence. The only question is there, are we Indian are ready to be renowned as the professional people at the cast of national pride?
As the media reports says most probably IPL will held in Landon because of availability of two cricketing grounds in the city. Is the Landon is more suitable venue than Gujarat? Will the BCCI, who had shown the concern over the losses of market dominating force in case of IPL is not held, dare to think the losses of Indians living in the Gujarat, as Shri Narendra Modi, chief minister of Gujarat is ready to conduct whole IPL tournament?
As I had stated in the opening lines we Indians have an attitude of satisfying our accountability with verbal reactions and don’t hold courage to enter into action fields so nothing will happen and this prestigious Indian sporting event will held on the foreign land. BCCI and political parties will blame the central government and central government will push the ball in the court of states.
The ideal action situation for the Indians will be, if the BCCI persists for his decision of moving IPL away from the country even when Gujarat is ready to assure safe conduction of tournament, not just only boycott the television rely of the matches but also stop using the products of companies sponsoring IPL in the foreign country? How beautiful these words are appearing because we all know these are the words and not deeds and we Indians are masters of words like the cricket.

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Is IPL going to be a hit in Overseas?
Only time will tell. Its all about Politics, Security, Cricket and Indians.