Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Yet another circle of seasons completed and once again we are celebrating just one day for the personality which means most in our life, Yes friends I am talking about the sweetest name of the universe, whose love affection and care has force even to God for taking several births as various incarnations that all important word is “Mother”. I know my words will never be able to touch even the feet of her greatness but still I am trying to put some words in praise of her.

M Most marvelous gift of human life
O World’s supreme Orthopedics experts who start working for removal of your disease even before you came to know about disease.
T works as the “tachometer” for keeping every rotation of your life under your control.
H always proves handy for getting shelter.
E everlasting remains with you even in the absence of her physical body.
R in most of cases we realize her importance only after loosing her.

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raju1967 said...

Very well written. Thanks for sharing.