Friday, December 18, 2015

The Sindhu World - Virtual Home of Global Sindhis

How we started 
It was the year 2006 just before I started blogging I felt that as for as online platforms are concerned there is quite huge open space for Sindhi community. There were a few Sindhi websites majority from the Pakistan and UAE but not a single one which was being updated regularly. Visitor’s participation and interaction was also at the lowest level. All this proved to be the seed for the launching of The Sindhu World, a Sindhi website and virtual home of global Sindhi community. 
This was not an easy task to lay down the structure of The Sindhu World. Almost four months went passed in discussion what should or should not be the part of the website. It took almost same span of time for the content development and designing of the lay out. Finally as I recall with 50 odd web pages The Sindhu World was launched on 29-08-2006 by Satguru Swami Dev Prakash Maharaj Ji at Kolhapur. As decided on 1-10-2006 the website was updated first time [Monthly Update] though adding web pages about the biography of imminent Sindhi personalities was continuously ongoing process. It took almost a year for making the website versatile to meet with visitor’s requirement. 
In the year 2007 List of Sindhi Dharamshala in India with indication about the information related with availability of Tourist stay facility at many of these community buildings constructed by the Sindhi community.  In the same year we had also started “The Sindhu World Directory “ to serve as the communication and binding link for the globally scattered Sindhi people, but in short span of time we learned that it will be more useful to concentrate on Sindhi in India. Towards the end of 2009 The Sindhu World Directory becomes “Business Directory of Sindhi in India”.  Know we are coming up with “The Sindhu World” android app for the business details, voice contact numbers and address of Sindhi from various cities of India. 
We had also started Free Sindhi Matrimony as part of website but within one year due to lack almost nil response were forced to discontinue that section. Any how many people from almost all parts of the globe kept on encouraging us. Since the 2010 Greetings for Birthdays and Wedding Anniversary is the constant feature of the website. In this renovated form we are keeping Birthday wishes in continuation.

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