Monday, September 22, 2008

Expiry Date

Expiry Date

One might take this as the vacuum of professional creative thoughts of my mind as over the last three months, is the time period since I was working with two simultaneously ongoing projects renovation and redesigning of a community portal dedicated to global sindhi community and developing a concept related with India tourism as the . Surely the second one was more challenging one just because there are so many website with a lot of information. I will be writing about this as separate article and will share with you either here or at India Travel World - Blogs related with India Tourism, Cricket & Sports.

Everything available in the market has a specific time line for the best use or for giving the best possible satisfaction to buyer up to a certain pre fixed time; we often call this time line as the expiry date. Our Hindu vision of life goes even beyond this with believe of every thing which is created is bound to destroy. We have Trio of Gods Brahma – creator of universe, Vishnu – one who looks after the universe and Mahesh – the destroyer or the terminator of universe. This is the Hindu world where expiry dated life- in the forms of spirits, souls and life without body- exists more strongly than any other religious stream of human world.

Anyway as we are native of presently, very strong and dominating marketing world so we know and strongly supports discarding use of things after specific time line from date of manufacturing or day of existing. Market movers are so strongly and deeply in rooted in our life that in the modern times even the human relations are having expiry date and supposed to be either discarded from use or to be renovated for further use. This might be the most adverse effect of market dominating forces on our life vision as we the Indians are known to be as the believer of existence of relation beyond the death and extended for several births but we can’t do anything as we have to move with changing time and avoid the label of “expiry dated “for the self.

One thing which I surely like to quote here for the market movers and our techno savvy youth who often use word “out dated “ expiry dated for the thoughts of elders are forgetting one thing while considering the expiry date of products and human relations, renovation might be the essential difference of expiry date for products and human relations. Use of products beyond the expiry date might prove dangerous for the life but as for as relations are concerned they are the constant source of life liquid all we have to do is renovated them with time for the best constructive effect on our life.

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