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Sindhis after the partition of India

Sindhis after the partition of India

After getting independence from the British rule nation divided into two countries namely Bharat [India] and Pakistan, as this division was rooted with the concentration of religious population, hence several lakh of Hindu population, living since centuries and many generation on the land, become part of Pakistan, was forced to migrate India because this was clear even before the partition that new country is going to be land of Islamic dominance. This partition proved very crucial, painful and suffering for the Hindus especially those were living in Sindh and Punjab area.
As for as the Sindhis are concerned this partition has worked as deadly killer factor for the rich cultural and social heritage of the community and Sindhi language, as in these changes scenario, being a part of large geographical region and in the status of migrant Sindhis were forced to get a dispersed status in India.
Migrant Sindhis were pursing hard for getting back to economic roots and also factor of low concentration of population was proving and working as gradual venomous for the Sindhi customs, traditions, culture, celebrations and language, as a natural result, today, after the 60 years of independence, a considerable chunk of young sindhi population is not able to speak and or write sindhi language, As at the time of partitions, though majority of sindhi population migrated to India but a few families had opted other countries also. Modern young Sindhi population can't be blamed for not knowing the Sindhi language because this is not their fault as they are born and brought up in the linguistic atmosphere other than Sindhi.
Sindhis are among the strongest business minded communities of human world and have a very high success ratio. Hard working nature, proper and timely use of available knowledge and resources along with presence of mind are helping Sindhis in maintaining their world leadership status in global business world. To express business mind of Sindhis, I am quoting an imaginary incident. Once in India, one Sindhi and Chinese were traveling in same rail comportment. All of sudden train passed through a mosquito rich area, many mosquitoes entered into compartment, Chinese person killed a mosquito flying around his head and have eaten it. In next few seconds another mosquito started flying around the Sindhi head; fellow Chinese become curious for the reaction of Sindhi. Nothing happen abnormal Sindhi also succeeded in killing the mosquito like the Chinese. Placed the killed mosquito on hand palm, and to surprise of Chinese, forwarded palm to him with the words "Hello Sir would you like to buy this". is providing a communication platform among the members of globally scattered Sindhi Community in the form of “World Sindhi Directory” .

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I agree with you entirely about the loss to the community. Please check out my own book on the Partition experiences of Sindhis called, "Sindhi Reflections".
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